Physical Therapy for Seniors

Seniors recovering from an injury or illness or those going through chronic pain can greatly benefit from physical therapy. It helps to relive pain and restore basic physical functions such as flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination. Maple Valley utilizes a combination of approaches from stretching, walking, electrical stimulation, and massage to help promote overall well-being. 

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Physical Therapy can be useful for those who have:

Fall Prevention Services

Gain peace of mind with your loved ones with our fall prevention services. We work to make sure systems are in place to prevent accidents before they happen. 

Restorative Exercise Program:

Residents can benefit from our restorative exercise programs designed to increase mobility and provide avenues to maintain health. 

Who benefits from our physical therapy program?

All of the residents at Maple Valley Personal Care Home have access to our physical therapy programs. Our mission is to provide easy and accessible care to everyone that walks in our doors. Maintenance and follow up programs are implemented to ensure that residents maintain the progress achieved when on an active PT program. These are monitored by a physical therapist