Dementia Care at Maple Valley

We provide our residents with needed assistance in everyday activities. This helps to improve their overall quality of life. Our 24/7 access to a team of trained nurses and staff offer a variety of services to accommodate your needs.

What is dementia care?

Dementia care provides personal care for those who suffer from memory issues and require assistance with day to day tasks. We look to lessen the burdens of these diseases and change the way our residents live with Dementia and other issues. The following services are provided:

Common Services & Amenities:

Maple Valley's approach to dementia care.

At Maple Valley, dementia care is about promoting the overall health and well being of our residents. this is done through a holistic approach to each individual. Our staff will encourage connections with other residents, exercise, nutrition, and goals to motivate and engage where they feel comfortable. 

Our Services and Amenities

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