Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Occupational therapy is all about helping individuals live a more independent and productive life. We don’t want to control every movement and aspect while you stay with us. This form of therapy is unique in that in uses a holistic approach when looking at  the needs of seniors. We look beyond surface level issues and work to address anything that may be having a negative impact on your health.

An individual may see someone for physical therapy after an injury to regain strength in those muscles. Afterwards, they would see an occupational therapist to practice walking, posture, and other options. 

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Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Promote Physical Health

During occupational therapy we will help shift and mold lifestyles that promote overall well-being. Seniors can stay active within their comfort level and regain a sense of self as they push through personal goals.

Fall Prevention

Falls are a leading cause of injuries for seniors. Occupational therapists can help solve problems with slips and falls both for the individual and in the environment.

Take On Challenges

With our holistic approach we focus on helping our residents face and cope with any obstacle happening in their life. Doing things independently and creating goals with them is important to living a normal life.

Emotional Wellness

Losing your independence due to physical issues can be mentally debilitating. An occupational therapist can have a positive emotional influence on patients. They are trained to help patients get beyond dysfunctions and focus on what they CAN do.

Who benefits from our occupational therapy program?

All of the residents at Maple Valley Personal Care Home have access to our physical therapy programs. Our mission is to provide easy and accessible care to everyone that walks in our doors. That means not special packages, no extra fees, just peace of mind that everything is taken care of the way it should be.