Medication Management

Medication management is an essential part of care for seniors. At Maple Valley, we utilize newly upgraded electronic system that are compliant with the latest laws and regulations to ensure each resident is on track.

The medicines residents may take can greatly improve their daily life. We ensure that even if it may not be needed, we can assist and track the daily intake to avoid serious consequences. 

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Common Questions about Medication Management:

Are residents allowed to self-administer prescriptions?

While residents can self-administer their medication, facilities provide oversight and cuing to ensure that it is taken and in the correct dosage.

Who is in charge of administering the medication?

At Maple Valley, we have 3 nurses on staff to oversee prescription medications. This includes delivering pre-packaged doses for each resident.

Who detects and responds to adverse drug reactions?

If our doctor is unavailable, our on-staff nurses are trained in these scenarios to respond and act quickly. We offer a central location for storing all medicine to minimize the risk of any adverse reactions. Should something happen, we have policies in place to respond.

Who benefits from our medication management program?

Each resident that stays with us at Maple Valley can benefit from medication management. It allows both you and your families to have peace of mind about your prescribed medication. Our mission is to provide easy and accessible care to everyone that walks in our doors. That means not special packages, no extra fees, just peace of mind that everything is taken care of the way it should be.